No One Could Calm This Crying Rescued Kitten, Then 10-Year-Old Boy Steps In And Asks To Try


A young kitten, three weeks old, was rescued from a colony of cats. A 10-year-old boy was the only one who could keep it quiet after all the others failed. He put her next to his shoulders and said everything would be fine.

The name of the cat is little Ariel. She was left behind by her mother and picked up by a rescue team in Orange, California called MeoowzResQ. They saved her from a cat colony. Kelli Gross learned of the kitten’s predicament and offered to offer her a nursing home, as she had already done by rescuing a cat mother and her six kittens.

Kelli and her 10-year-old brother Zack went to fetch the kitten from the clinic and heard her screaming with her voice. She would not calm down until Zack held her. You could take her to the foster mother. Zack has a special relationship with cats, Kelly said. He tends to say good morning to them every morning and kisses them each time he goes to school.

He misses her when he’s not in the house.Zack helped Kelly to take care of more than 100 kittens. That’s a fact that teaching children animal-friendly is something very special.

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