70 years after the Holocaust, a drone flies over Auschwitz and captures something beyond bone-chilling

History is very interesting. Back in the WWII, a Nazi death camp was created. The Auschwitz concentration camp, was the place where more than a million people died, the majority being the prison confined Jews. I a time span of 5 years from 1940-1945, the Auschwitz concentration camp turned to be the most dangerous place in the whole world.

In the clip below that was filmed by a drone that flew over the camp which was abandoned more than 70 years after the Soviet Army freed the jailed people during the WWII. Currently, the concentration camp is an international Heritage site which is run by the Polish Culture Ministry, where people all over the world visit. Tourist visiting there still feel a chill in their spines.

The clip starts with showing us the railways that used to ferry people to the camp, then the ruins of the Birkenau huts made from woods, which acted as death place for the WWII prisoners.

At the entrance of the camp, the gate has the words Arbeit Macht Frei, which means that labor frees you.

Take a peek at the terrible images that the drone caught on tape as it flew over Auschwitz last year:

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