A Pathetic Internet Troll Called This Mom’s Little Boy Ugly

This is a beautiful boy who’s lucky enough to have a smart, wonderful mother! Just excellent story!

This mother made a wonderful response to some impolite persons that posted such remarks! God made man in his image! So this child is beautiful with that preshious smile and love in his heart!

“Ugly.” That is one word that an Internet troll used to describe a picture of a blogger’s special little boy. It’s also what caused an inspirational backlash that was absolutely perfect. This was the mother’s reply to the comment of “Ugly” that some stranger left on a photo of her baby boy with Down Syndrome: Dear @JusesCrustHD,

Since I started blogging about my son Quinn and his disability, I knew this day would come. There’s no shortage of trolls on the Internet who hide behind the anonymity of a screen name with the intent to be cruel, and I’ve seen their hostility many times before. In fact, in the wake of a recent robbery at the Down Syndrome Association of Houston’s headquarters, in which $10,000 worth of technology was stolen, there was no shortage of ignorant comments on the news story reporting the incident. One user asked, “how will they learn to count to potato?” Another claimed that wasting computers on “retards” was stupid anyway and that the organization deserved to be robbed.

These comments, while offensive, simply serve to showcase people’s hate-fueled ignorance and aren’t worth my time. I grimace when I read them, but realize there’s little to be done about such stupidity. But last Saturday, you targeted my son personally and instead of being angry, I’d like to give you some advice: Don’t be a d*ck. It will come back to haunt you.

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