Tiny Calico Kitten Saved from Death, Slowly finds Her Catitude thanks to her rescuers


A small car was living under a porch. The poor thing was starving and flea covered. After a nice bath she began to recover. Her name is Molly.

Molly was brought to the Human Society. She was starving and growled at other cats when she ate. She is food aggressive but her foster mom is working on this. The kitten was a little scared of humans but is slowly learning how to trust.

Molly’s foster mother gave her a lot of love. She is learning how to snuggle and how to play.

Molly’s health is improving as well enough though she needs attention around the clock. Molly may be small bit she is sassy. The other cats she lives with are teaching her how to play.

To Molly humans are not that bad. She loves food and will eat as much as she can. She is realizing that she does not need to fight to have food and is learning how to be affectionate.

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