Deaf Dog Lost All His Fur After Lying On Concrete For So Long – Then Angel Changes Everything


A small dog found in California is now safe and at home in the Carson animal shelter. The dog known as Roman has been living in the streets of Los Angeles, the future looked dull for Roman until the rescue. The fur on his body was worn out because he had to sleep on concrete for a very long time. His body was worn so bad that you could see his skin.

Because of his situation, Roman was prone to infections and he suffered a lot. Not only did he have skin infections, his teeth were weak and this made Roman sad. Having spent so many years in the streets all he needed was love. The workers at Carson animal shelter took him in and were devastated when they learnt he was deaf. Like so many dogs that had been abandoned, Roman needed to have a home.

Because of this, there was a post on facebook that was meant to find Roman a new home where he would live forever. By sheer luck Tye Friis who was on facebook saw the post and was attracted to Roman. He came fostered him and he went with him home.

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