Dog Hit By Train Lost a Leg and a Part of His Tail – Now He Can’t Stop Kissing His Rescuers

Street dog knocked down by train is rescued by police and treated!
Strays are among the group of animals that are always at jeopardy of injury from the public and vehicles. They just shoot across the street when in search of shelter or when hungry and looking for food in garbage can.

I mean, you can’t expect an animal to be looking both left and right before deciding to cross the road or even have some extra cash to get a decent meal!

And this is where the problem is, since they don’t even know where to get help from after being hit by a car, death is likely to be the end if not immediately taken to emergency care.

This similar thing happened to a dog after being hit by a train but thankfully the dog survived after a police officer named Kevin McCullen saved it.

Kevin had received a call about a dog that had no hope after being hit by a train.

Molly [the dog] was in a critical condition after her terrible accident and when the officer arrived there he found her looking worse.

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