Dog must say goodnight to bunny before going to bed – Captured moment is melting everyone’s hearts


Everyone has his own bedtime routine, even dogs.  But this one dog’s bed routine is probably something you haven’t seen before and it’s so adorable. Skottke Vom Zeder Haus the German Shepherd can not sleep without wishing her bunny friend a good night.

The dog literally does this every single night, this time, mom can’t just miss the moment, she hit record and the cutest thing happened.. It would be surely hard to believe it so she shared the video with everyone to see. Skottke sits and watches as she waits for mom’s help.

Skottke takes off down the hallway toward the room where her bunny friend is. The German Shepherd waits for mom to tell the bunny goodnight for her, and then and only then is she ready to go to bed!

Have you ever seen a nightly ritual as adorable as this one? Does your dog have any routines that need to be completed before they do anything else? Let’s hear your stories in the comments!

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