These Pictures of 11 Dogs Getting Their Long-Waited Freedom Will Warm The Coldest Hearts

Different suffering dogs rescued and given another chance to live
It is very sad to see or hear that there are dogs which have been abandoned by their owners on the streets. In the photos below, we see some dogs that have unfortunately undergone such cruelty. The good news is that their lives are at the turning point, something that will touch you.

These photos were taken to reveal the moment the dogs were rescued and freed from their stressful life, with the help of dog savers, who worked closely to change their lives into decent ones full of love and care.

Pam Perry of County Animal Services in Florida has one of the 26 saved pit bulls that were in a fighting ring that was in some backyard.

During some rescue known as Operation Delta Dogs in Isola, MS, Animal Rescue Center, together with Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office, managed to unchain one of the 12 dogs that were at the fighting ring.

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