Emaciated Puppy Stuck Inside In A Cage So Tiny His Legs Stopped Growing – Now He’s Stabilized!


Although the world can be a very dark place, it is still filled with the kindness disseminated from naturally kind-hearted people. As is the case for a little, young American Bulldog mix named Bubs.

A concerned kind-hearted Samaritan found Bubs suffering from severe neglect. He was extremely thin to the point of emaciation. And was also confined to such a small cage he could not stand.
Which sadly enough, impacted his growth and severely caused his legs to become deformed and underdeveloped.

Shaken by the dog’s condition, the good Samaritan took Bubs to the BARCS animal shelter; where he was quickly transferred to the ER at a partner clinic for immediate care.
Poor Bubs was too weak to even lift his head up. His heartbeat was faint and his body temperature was so low that it barely registered.

But hope is powerful! He knew he was finally going to be taken care of and was able to muster up the strength to give his tail a little wag.
He was left under the observation of the medical team for 12 hours; where Bubs was able to pull through with the help of blankets on top of heated blankets and round-the-clock care.

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