Flight attendant forced to give pilot worst possible news – then he breaks all rules and does the only right thing

A pilot performed an incredible gesture after being told that the remains of a fallen soldier, and the soldier’s family, were on board his flight.

The captain was a man named Richard Rodriguez. He was preparing for a flight in the cockpit when a flight attendant took him aside and told them they were carrying a person’s remains on board.

The captain asked if the deceased was military personnel and if he was being escorted by anyone. The answer was yes, so Rodriguez asked if the escort could board the plane before everyone else and come to see him in the cockpit.

Rodriguez talked to the soldier’s escort and asked if he could do anything for him. The pilot said he thinks the escort has the hardest job in the military.

A little while later, after the plane took off, an attendant called the captain and told him that the soldier’s family was also on board.

Did the only right thing

The flight attendant asked the other cabin crew if there was anything they could do for the family, and the pilot said he would take care of it.

He did something very unusual – and against the rules.

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