Tourist in The Middle of Her Trip Hears Cries, Runs Outside and Ends Up Saving Stray Puppy’s Life


She wanted to do something that would allow her to become more independent. Jessica Haltzman decided that after her AmeriCorps year of service is finished, she would travel.

Jessica was a learner in tree conservation techniques. She was therefore in India with a group called Sadhana Forest. She believed that she was at a perfect place to start.
Like any other person in New Deli, Jessica stayed in a hostel. She was on a journey and around midway, she was surprised to hear a crying noise. She then rushed to check what it was.

As she scrambled outside to get to find out where exactly the noise was coming from, she discovered a puppy. The puppy was laying in the street next to the hostel she stays. On seeing that, Jessica hurriedly scooped up the puppy. It was in pain and deeply injured in some way. Until she got one, she fumbled through the streets to look for a vet.

According to the vet, it was found that the little puppy had two broken hips and infected wounds. The vet wrapped the plastic casts on the legs. Jessica on seeing this she got out to a pet shop and bought everything that she saw can be of great help to the poor puppy.
Jessica could not figure out on how she could survive with this new friend puppy of hers. She therefore planned ahead. She cancelled her flight to Nepal and booked a bus just for the better of the dog. She knew she had to travel with him to every place she wanted to.

Jessie called the little puppy Dehli. He was named after the city he was rescued from. She was more than willing to care for the puppy whatsoever.
Jessie travelled on and on to places but never left Dehli behind. He was at the right side of hers. They were partners in crime for that matter.

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