Man finds lonely kitten raises him to adorable cuddlebug

Imgur user bmusser was minding his own business one day, getting ready to head out to work for the day when he heard cries coming from nearby.

Upon inspecting the noise further, he found a little kitten (now named Casper) alone and in desperate need of help outside of his property’s fence and next to his next door neighbor’s yard.

The man immediately scooped up the poor little kitten and brought him inside to show his wife when the both of them discovered the kitten still had it’s umbilical cord attached meaning the mother cat had unfortunately abandoned the innocent animal.

From there, the man went and got the essential supplies to properly care for the kitten who is now a member of the family he says.

A young buck when he was discovered (only one week old), Casper is now a healthy, happy and vibrant kitten who has a long and prosperous life ahead of him.

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