Lost Dog Is Found But Rejected By Owner. Now He’s In Desperate Need Of Home


This video shows a stray dog named Bobi. The dog has run away from his owner and he has been on the streets for months. We found him near a railroad station roaming while looking for food. It was very hard to rescue him because he ran each time we tried to approach him.

It was also risky because he can get hit by a passing train and this made it even harder for us. Our first task was to direct him towards a safer place and then try to help him. After following him for a period of time, he either got tired or understood that we were trying to help him and he stopped. After feeding him, we took him to a veterinary clinic to be examined and get medical care. It turns out that he did not have a microchip but we were able to contact his registered owner.

He said that he doesn’t want him back and he asked us to take him. Bobi is 9 years old, he does not see with his left eye but he is very loyal, playful, obedient and loving. Bobi is currently in Romania but he needs a loving family which will adopt him forever either locally or even internationally.

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