Neglected Dog Looks Like A Piece Of Rock. Wait Til You Watch His Unbelievable Transformation

While on her holiday in Aruba, Caribbean, Melissa found Ozzy, a lovely dog whose health condition had almost turned him into a stone. She said the dog looked like a stone dog from his situation. However, with the help of the local dog rescuers, the Sgt Pepper’s Friends Foundation, she was able to rescue him. Ozzy also called Cuy, could hardly eat, move or bark.

stone dog
Melissa with the rescue team from the island was able to save him. They took him with them for assessment and treatment. This made the dog so close to her. Indeed, she was his Angel from the heavens who had descended to save him. Dayenne Holwerda, a volunteer, and staff at the rescue center said Melissa was the reason Cuy got rescued and brought to their vet.

stone dog
Cuy’s face was swollen, and his eyes looked crusty. So, Melissa opened the car’s door, and he jumped in. After some tests, he tested positive for sarcoptic mange and heartworm, and therefore, she had to leave him at the vet for treatment. They bathed him in a specific medicated shampoo twice a week and also gave him some injections for his skin condition for six weeks.

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