Major Pet Food Manufacturer Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Lead in Dog Food


Man files lawsuit after his pet dog died from lead poisoning found in food
Over the past few years, the blue buffalo has not been in immune to errors in quality control. The pet food manufacturer is currently facing a lawsuit that alleges its products that have been causing lead poisoning. It even issued three recalls in 2017 alone.

A resident in California named Vladi Zakinov had a 4-year old cocker spaniel that was stricken with an acute kidney problem and later died after eating the food on a daily basis. So that’s why he then decided to file a class-action lawsuit against the blue buffalo.

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As reported by health pets, the lead was discovered after the dog’s death in the dog’s bodily tissue. So that is why Zakinov is blaming the blue buffalo for the death.

The drug and food administration in the U.S has set an agreeable amount of lead in each food product at five parts per billion, but of course some third party lab recently found excess in the bellow blue buffalo foods;

Source: Vladi Zakinov v. Blue Buffalo Pet Products, Inc

Blue freedom grain free chicken recipe for small breed adult dogs 140 ppb
Blue buffalo product lead [parts per billion]
Blue basics grain free turkey and potato recipe for adult dogs 840 ppb
Blue wilderness chicken recipe for small breed adult dogs 200 ppb

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According to Zakinova’s case, the blue buffalo should have warned its customers about the lead poisoning in their products before issuing the lead tainted foods. He now wants to be paid back for the purchases of foods that he made from the company.
He also wants to be compensated for all the loss of his friend and coco’s veterinary bills.

Source: Pexels

Lead poisoning
If lead is ingested it takes the place of calcium and zinc in cells causing the nervous system and the gastrointestinal.
Young animals and dogs are the common victims of lead poisoning, confirmed by pet MD. Lead symptoms are:
Poor appetite
Loss of balance
And finally death
If your pet has any of the above signs then you should call a veterinarian immediately. frequent reports have been made about this specific contamination and animals owners are urged to handle the pets food with great care.

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