Male Cat Gives Love And Comfort to Two Orphan Kittens, Now They’re Becoming Gorgeous Cats


Two desperate kittens, Daisy and Lily were brought home and Max, the older male cat took them in and became their foster dad. For quite a while, max took care of them and loved them. Daisy and Lily were quite shy at first but later learned to trust Max, their foster dad. It’s lovely to see how max gave both Daisy and Lily baths and even cuddled with them.

He’ also seen quite protective of the foster kittens too. Daisy and Lily loved Max and always looked up to him. They enjoyed learning things from Max and would always follow him around the house. After some time, Daisy and Lily learned adapted to their new home. Well, Max was a rescue kitten once. Perhaps it’s the reason he’s so much into fostering Daisy and Lily.

Anyhow, Daisy and Lily develop to become beautiful cats that love and want to emulate everything they’ve learned from max. By then, their family bond had grown ridiculously strong!

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