Man Suspected of Breeding and Training Dogs for Fighting Tortured by Masked Men


Recently in Detroit, a fifty-two year old man, who was rumoured to breed fighting dogs, was reportedly approached by armed men whilst feeding his animals. The assailants were masked, and forced their way inside his home where they began to beat and torture the victim before removing his ear with an ice pick and fleeing the scene in a vehicle. A relative of the victim, Marty Johnson, said that the group “broke his ribs, broke his fingers, stabbed him with ice picks, cut an ear off. It’s just messed up.

A man suspected to be connected to a dog fighting ring has a sophisticated breeding operation in the backyard of a house he owns. Photo: Taryn Asher

“Authorities believe the victim was attacked due to his Pit Bull breeding, which could be related to dog fighting circles. When the police arrived at the victim’s property, they found multiple dogs tied up outside, living in horrid conditions in the backyard, and many more in the home’s basement in equally abhorrent living conditions. The victim also owned a second house, where dozens more neglected dogs were seized. Animal Control were summoned to move the maltreated animals, but members of the victim’s family implore he had no involvement in the alleged dog fighting circle, but instead breeds to sell. The brother of the victim later explained “No, he don’t fight dogs. He breeds dogs.

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