Meet Charlie & Milo: the incredibly rare twins with Down syndrome who are lighting up hearts across the globe


Charlie and Milo McConnel are two amazing boys. Yet, some might find it unconventional that their parents, Dan and Julie are so happy to share their sons’ photos online.

The twins can often be found in pictures or videos, just getting on with their daily lives—yet what’s normal and every day for them has been inspiring people worldwide. They’ve garnered a lot of that attention and even turned viral because the twins were born with Down’s Syndrome.

Down’s is hereditary, a condition which often leads to slower brain and physical development. Parents who have kids with Down’s often face a range of additional challenges when raising their children, especially as the condition often comes with complications. These may include learning difficulties and health complications in their kids, such as heart disorders and poor vision.

Dan and Julie have allowed us an insider’s glimpse into the beautiful, much-overlooked side of raising kids who have Down’s. There are, of course, a fair few difficulties involved when you’re raising children with adaptive needs, but the joys and blessings are plentiful.

It’s why Julie and Dan aim to counter the bad rap around Down’s Syndrome; through photos and videos that are filled with joy and hope.

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