Owner Say Blind, Emaciated and Neglected Dog “Refused to Eat” – The Truth is Shocking


neglected dog

One dog is happy to have a second chance at life. Kai, who was neglected, abused and left for dead by his owner was saved by the Animal Rescue North West (S.N.A.R.R) who found the poor dog clinging to life and gravely sick as well as blind and deaf. Luckily, however, they were able to rescue him just in the nick of time and rehabilitate him back to stable health both mentally and physically. Furthermore, Kai is now happily living in a forever home all thanks to the heroes who helped save his life.

As for the owner, rescuers say he blamed the dog’s misfortune on itself and reported that the dog just didn’t want to eat but rescuers chalked that up to a lie and are grateful that they were able to remove Kai from that terrible ordeal in which he was facing due to the owner.

neglected dog

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