Picture of Empty Halters Goes Instantly Viral – and All For The Sad Reasons


Ashley DiFelice has been caring for horses rescued from the being sent to be slaughtered since 2012. Buying them from feedlots and buying them auctions, this selfless heroine has taken care of many animals, saving horses from a horrid fate.The slaughter of horses is illegal in the US, yet many animals are taken to nearby countries where it act is still legal. According to the animal protection agency, the ASPCA, nearly 137,000 horses are taken from America every year for meat.

After seeing evidence from a Texas feedlot that their horses had been sold for slaughter, DiFelice used Facebook to remind viewers that this horrible loophole is regularly used to harm thousands of defenceless animals every year. Animal charities have stated that during transit, these animals are often without nourishment or rest for days at a time, and overcrowded in trailers, leading to harm of deaths in many cases. Due to the nervous nature of horses when in environments they are not comfortable in, they are often left fully conscious during the slaughter process, a fact that drives Ashley in her crusade to save as many of these majestic animals as possible.

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