Blind Raccoon Comes to Human Friend for Food One Day, He Brought two New Friends

For Five years old raccoon was born blind. With the help of two cats, the raccoon can move around the compound. Many animals are born with different disabilities such as blindness or lameness. The animals should be handled with a lot of care to avoid accidents such as burns. Here are some ways to deal with blind pets.

Create a Familiar and Safe PlaceAnimals with visual impairment feel anxious and vulnerable. You should create an environment that is safe and comfortable. Block the stair and swimming pools to prevent accidents.

Set Up Scents Touch and Sound CuesBy setting up some cues, you will be able to communicate. The animal can navigate by use of their senses. By stimulating their feelings, it will be essential for their physical and mental growth.

Let People Know You should tell the visitors in your home about the situation of your pet. It is essential in case the visitor want to interact with the dog. You can purchase a unique collar for the dog to inform anyone around its environment.

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