Meet Presley, great dane nicknamed a real life Scooby Doo

Presley- a Great Dane who is everyone’s favorite dog has always touched the hearts of everyone. He is referred as Scooby doo because of how timid but patient he is.
Just like the dog Scooby doo, the owner Sian Barrett says that his dog Presley may be tall but scared of small dogs. He is six-feet tall and he weighs 180 pounds. His owner says that despites his size and weight, he still runs away to his mother when he sees smaller dogs
Mrs. Barrett, the owner, says that Presley is not just afraid of dogs alone but even smallest things like plastic bags will make him run away.

great dane presley
Mrs. Barrett remembers the one time when Presley was scared of a small Westie at the park. So Presley goes into hiding as usual and waited until the dog was gone then he came out.

Mrs. Barrett says that he uses a cushion as a special blanket as a comforter when he gets scared. Despite him being a scared dog, Presley has a gentle personality that has won the hearts of many people.

The owner narrates that there was a time when she was scared by this tiny West Highland Terrier comparing to him. Presley did not come back out until this other dog had gone and he was totally sure of it. He has 38 inches at the shoulder and the irony is that he is scared of almost everything. She says that Presley’s temper does not match with his size at all.

The owner, Mrs. Barrett discloses also that Presley’s biggest fears are plastic bags and hoover. She adds that at 85 kilos, she certainly cannot lift him, but the husband refers to him as a spoilt dog and a massive wuss.
Mrs. Barrett who is a mother of two and runs a pet supplies shop, thinks that Presley’s soft attitude is because of the fact that she has been with him since birth. Mrs. Barrett put Presley on show at crufts as an example of Great Dane breed. She says what wins people over is the kindly natured aspect that her dog has.

Mrs. Barrett says that Presley is a very patient dog. She remembers when they were out on a walk and met a woman with her child who was crying loudly.
The child was screaming and this too scared Presley. He did not like the noise at first. So the girl walked towards him and as soon as she reached unto the dog, she stopped crying.

Everyone always laughs when they hear that Presley is a big softie at heart. Mrs. Barrett says that Presley is a mummy’s boy since she has bred him herself and had him from birth. She says that Presley follows him from room to room about the house. She adds that he cries when she goes to bed upstairs.

Presley’s owner says that if she ever forget to give him his dinner, he will walk around everywhere in the house with her shoe to show that he is starving. And whenever they get home from a walk he immediately grabs his cushion for protection as he walks about.
Mrs. Barrett concludes that most of the things that anyone would think that Presley would be scared of, he is not. He is completely frightened by really trivial bits.


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