Woman takes her dog on bike thinks she’s helping her owner ride a bicycle

Watch Pupper go!

As pet owners, we love spending quality time with our dogs, be it on a vacation, during the holidays or on weekends. Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the most rewarding, pleasantly relaxing yet somewhat quirky moments we can have with our pet canines regardless of the activity. Be it hiking in the mountains, skydiving for the first time, kayaking, exploring forest trails, swimming or even biking, our dogs would one way or another, make us laugh due to their lovingly carefree and ditzy personalities. But one dog was different. Meet Pupper.

One woman was casually riding her bike along with her dog, Pupper – and took a video while doing so. However, Pupper was not your typical dog that would just stay still with its tongue out while enjoying the free ride. It wanted to help its owner out, as it would seem – by peddling with its little paws! At first, her owner was pleasantly surprised; before breaking out into a laugh. There’s doggy humor right there!

Pupper would do a little ‘air-pedal’ with its two front paws during the ride, much to its owner’s amusement! Its two hind legs, however, stayed perfectly still as he is comfortably strapped to his owner’s body. She could not resist taping down a video that documented the adorable moment – and Pupper did not seem to mind either! Pupper pedals along with its owner with such an innocently good intention – we adore you, Pupper!

Watch the adorable video below!

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