Scientists Invent Smart Security System to Keep Unique Wild Parrots Away From Danger

They may look cute but sugar gliders are reducing the population of swift parrots day by day.

swift parrot endangered
In addition, the parrots are also experiencing habitat loss as a result of logging industry. It is estimated that only 2,000 of the do exist today in the wild.

sugar glider swift parrot nest
The good news is that a group of people are on their side. They have collected over 87,000 dollars to save them.
The money is mostly collected through crowdsourcing campaign. It is the used in building special design, anti-predator nest like boxes for the parrots. The bird is protected by the covering hole in the nest which its door is solar powered. It shuts at night when sugar gliders are out to fetch food. The door automatically opens up again by the light that hit the solar door so that they can move out to let life happen.

swift parrot endangered
Dr. Stojanovic says that swift parrots breed locally, newly every year. The boxes therefore are required to be taken always in their places yearly.

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