He Sees Woman On Bike Fleeing Wildfires, Then Finds Out Who’s Stuffed in Her 70-Pound Duffel Bag

On Monday, Wallace was studying until around 2am. She decided to head home and realized that there was danger nearby.

This college student was one of the wildfires that have been terrorizing California and realize that it was heading right towards her home.
Her first through was to save her dog Bentley. She would never leave her dog behind.

Wallace made it home and got her fit bull in her car. Then she got stuck in traffic.
The fire was coming faster than the cars were moving so Wallace headed home to get her bike.

She got her bike and put Bentley in a duffle bag so he could go along to. She told her dog he needed to sit and lifted her 70 pound dog in the bag.
The bag was on her back as she biked several miles. A driver spotted them and offered both Wallace and Bentley a ride.

Looking at her home after the fire a burnt foundation is the only thing left.

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