Someone Found These Two Huskies Abandoned in Park With The Saddest Note


Neglected dogs find a permanent home after being rescued by a good Samaritan
If you find a lost dog you will probably have a lot of questions in your mind. Like if the dog is friendly, where its owner is or even for how long it’s been without food!

Source: YouTube/Straightful

This is a very common occurrence of dogs being left in the streets and usually all these questions are always left a mystery. Moreover finding a dog left at a park with some brief instructions and food is even more unusual, though it does happen.

A pair of year- old Siberian husky puppy was reportedly found by a visitor to the Woodward dog park in Frenso California near a box of a dog food with toys left along with a note of instructions.

Source: YouTube/Straightful The box of food and toys the dogs were left with, and Layla.

The instructions left in the note were as follows ‘we are 1-year old dogs and our names are Jada and Lyala, kindly don’t separate us because Jada gets scared without her sister!.’

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