Stray Cat Is Shy And Afraid Of Humans, But Moment He Meets An Angel, Everything Changes..


A young kitten was sighted roaming the streets of Brooklyn. He was only months old and was frightened of people until he encountered someone who started to feed him. Will, a member of a TNR-focused rescue group called Flatbush Cats in Brooklyn, New York, came upon the little kitten straying the streets, homeless. In December, Will set a trap to sterilize the then wildcat. Will states that the kitten was very hostile and already a few months old, so he freed him to observe him further.Weeks of feeding the kitten made him friendlier to Will. He was named Giorgio. Will claims that Giorgio has lately been accepting of him, or the idea of regular feeding. He even allows Will to pat his back and also pick him up for a short while.

This kitten is quite satisfied with Will’s company. He realized that this kitten required to have a real home. He wanted to set the kitten up for adoption by a foster home as an indoor cat. Later in the week, a family volunteered to assist. The friendly couple agreed to take Giorgio in and supply him with a home, food, comfort, and affection. He claims that volunteers do save lives, though it sounds dramatic.

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