Stray Cat Walks into Her Office and Begs For Help. Few Weeks Later, She’s Back But Not alone


A cat having no care brought a kitten to Shelby home and the woman being so generous and kind took the kitten and followed the cat and saw another kitten in the forest where she told her to her home and give them the care they required. Many months ago a cat which was domesticated and skinny showed up to local Wales Australia the cat was sick and lacked care from the owner but thanks to Shelby Heness who saw this cat in her condition when she was hanging around the workshop and told her and gave her some Tuna which were lunch leftovers.

Shelby explained how she feared her and she always placed the bowl next to her door and move far so that she could feed. The cat was so starved that she eats all the food I gave to her in seconds. Now that she had decided to take care of the kitty she bought some food for her and would always place the bowl next to her door each evening and stare at calico as she eats the food.

When few months passed by Shelby was able to sit near the cat as she feed since she was not afraid of her anymore after some days, I tried petting her at. First this was hard that when we got used to each other she became quite friendly and we were able to play from time to time and she rubbed against my cloths and even sit next to me anytime I was at home, As days passed anytime I left my house door open she ran past me and just on my desk or table and start purring around with excitements.

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