Stray Kitten Pays Student’s Kindness And Becomes His “Study Buddy”. Now 2 Years Later…

“He was 2 months old when she came to us in 2015,” That kind-hearted man narrated. When they met, Mamiao was happy as knew that, there is a friend. She nestled up to him to solace her. From that day on, Mamiao remained close by each way. “Honey assumes that Mamiao is his new mother,” the family disclosed to Love Meow.

Wherever the kitten went, Mamiao was there, as well. The ginger kitten loved his new mother and grew to learn from each other. The two were inseparable. As Honey became bigger, Mamiao started to show him a wide range of traps such how to play and even drink water from a bowl. Mamiao gave her little cat child inks and nestles. They play together. They even go on car rides together. He learned how to take a walk and more often walked side by side.

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