Stray Kitten Wanders Into Couple’s Backyard And Plays Ball With Them. Now He’s Staying Forever

Circo was abandoned as a kitten and wandered place to place until he found the yard of a woman named Vassiliki in Kalamata, Southern Greece. He cried, most likely looking for a source of food and water when Vassiliki and her husband heard. The couple offered the white and orange kitten a tennis ball and he immediately began to play with it, tossing it back and forth between his paws. It is very clear that he is happy and in good company.

The couple found the kitten while at their parent’s house and wanted to do something to keep the kitten away from the highway and out of trouble. So they did the only thing that made sense. They brought Circo home to Athens and decided to adopt him.

Circo has a great affection for Vassiliki and can often be found curled up on her lap and happily purring, living a good life with the married couple. He is no longer lost or hungry and the only time he cries now is when he wants attention.

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