Terrified Dog Desperately Clings to Balcony – Then Brave Neighbors Rush in To Save Its Life


For most people hiking and rock climbing is a very enjoyable outdoor activity, there is a thrill that just emanates from activity involving heights and climbing.i wish the same can be said for Dogs. Here is The story of Tina and the new year.


“I’ve been living with my Dog,Tina, for 11 years now and she is relatively calm, fireworks tend to make her a bit nervous and she gets crazier with every bang. I had gone to run some errands and left Tina alone for only a few minutes, she had been restless all day from the noise of the rockets being let off by people in the run up to New Years Day,I kept her indoors all day.

The balcony door was open just a little bit and it didn’t cross my mind that she could slip through”, said the owner

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