Afraid and Exhausted, Two Bait Dogs Dumped At The Park In The Freezing Cold Protect Each Other

The police had received a report about two female pit bulls that had been found abandoned on a park outside of Philadelphia and were on the verge of death. An officer who was tall with a full beard, a skinhead and tattoos all over his arm was the first to arrive at the scene. The officer’s name was Russ Wolf Harper, who was trained as a law enforcement officer and had dedicated his life to rescuing dogs.

Pit Bulls

The two dogs lay down together, one was too weak and could barely open her eyes while the other was curled up next to her. Russ on seeing them knelt down and called them out in what he calls his girly 10-year old voice. He had a unique way of connecting with the dogs. One of them that was later named Layla walked coaxingly towards him with her tail wagging; she let him pet her nose and head. Suddenly her eyes clenched and shot back towards where her friend laid like she thought someone was trying to her. Russ went over to Layla’s friend who would later be named Gracie. He touched her, and she was completely cold. He was worried that Gracie was dying.

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