Wild Toucan Comes Across Traffic Camera, Demands to be Noticed


A TV station in Brazil called TEM was able to capture one of the country’s most prized animals, the toucan, on camera when one of them landed on top of one of the companie’s sky-cam towers in Sao Jose do Rio Preto to rest for a few moments before taking off again. Toucan’s are primarily found in forests throughout South America and are rarely ever spotted or seen by the human eye. They mainly eat fruits, berries and nuts and are recognized by their unique, long beaks which they use to do so.

TEM was fortunate enough to capture this magnificent creature in all it’s glory at a time when usually the only thing being televised is the dull monotony of the highway traffic and what not. Furthermore, perhaps a refreshing and exhilarating change of view of everyday life in the region, TEM most likely hopes that the toucan will return again someday soon to grace the camera with it’s presence once more.

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