Wynter is a puppy who went through a lot in life


Wynter a puppy who went through a lot in life. He was sexually abused and starved by the previous owner. He was also beaten. Finally, the owner shot him and left him in the trash to die.

This is not the end for Wynter. He proved that he had a resilient spirit in him. Thankfully, he was found before he died. And then Trio Animal Foundation was given notice of his condition.

This wonderful organization put him in a foster home. His trauma was also emotional in nature. But Wynter had the grit to emerge from his rough background.


He was fed and treated well in his new home. As a result, his weight doubled. He got a chance to learn how to bond with other puppies as well. Now, Wynter has healed from his past. This is an amazing feat for an animal. He is waiting to be adopted into a loving forever home.

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